Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye also known as Rudeboy, has taken to social media to pose an interesting financial question to women.

In a post he shared on his Instagram story, the singer asked women if they can use all their monthly income to buy human hair.

He wrote,

“Dear queens, abeg I wan ask ohhh?
If you are earning 250k or your salary is 250k… will you use the money to buy a 250k hair?


See below,

Paul Okoye poses

The question has generated different responses on social media as both men and women weigh in on the conversation.

Some women asserted that they would save the money over a period of time, instead of paying for the hair at once.

However, men averred that women are very frugal with their own money but enjoy spending a man’s money. According to them, women would never spend their hard-earned money recklessly.

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