Nigerian actor and evangelist Mike Bamiloye has penned down a heartwarming birthday message for his wife Gloria as she celebrates her 58th birthday today, 4th February 2022.

In the lengthy post on his Instagram page, Mike Bamiloye went down memory lane on how he met his wife, who saw the future and his calling.

According to Mike Bamiloye, his wife Gloria had always supported his ministry while they were on campus as she would give him money to print programme posters even during her NYSC.

Mike Bamiloye added that only God could give a man a good wife like Gloria, who has been very instrumental to the growth of their children.

In her words: YOUR LIFE IS A TESTIMONY! HALLELUYAH!!! THE GIRL IS 58 TODAY. THANK YOU JESUS AGAIN FOR ANOTHER LIFE FOR THIS DAUGHTER OF ZION! The Devil fought you! But God fought for you! The Lord gave you Resounding Victory Again and Again! Today you are 58! Shame to the Enemy of Your Soul! GLORY TO JESUS, THE LOVER OF YOUR SOUL.

I thank God Again and Again that I found you!
Only God Can Give a Man a Good Wife.
If I have not Found Jesus Christ, I would have missed YOU!.
Because WHEN I knew I had a Call of God on My Life, I knew I would never succeed in Life unless I got it Right in the Place of Marriage.
I knew I could Marry just any Sister and just have some Children, but not the Ordained Sister from Heaven who would give me the Children She Could sit down to train.
I knew I did my part in training our children, but the greater duties was taken by GLORIA.

She was never tired of sitting them down to teach them the Word of God.
She was never tired of giving them Cautions.
She was never tired of even controlling how they eat and what they eat.
She was very strict with THOSE BOYS and that GIRL when they were living under our Roof, before they graduated from our House!
If I had not accepted Jesus Christ, I would have missed HER.
Because I would never have heard the Voice that spoke to me that morning to leave where I was and travel to where I met her for the first time.
I thank God!

What did she see in me when she said YES to my Proposal?
She saw VISIONS!
She saw CALLING!
I had been on full time and she had been in School.
I would collect money from her and use it to print program Posters.
Then when she began to work during f the one year Service,
She would collect her allowance and bring it to me to use for programs.

Ah! She never saw any inadequacies in me but VISIONS and CALLING and MINISTRY.
No job, but ministry.
No house but Only One Room that contained all my belongings: standing hanger, cupboard, bookshelf, cooking pots and a standing Fan that had no leg and a small black and white Television.
She saw into the future!
She saw Greatness and Relevance in the future.
She Married me at 24!
And I was 28!
TODAY, SHE IS 58 and still growing Stronger in Him!
Still Looking Radiant and Beautiful!
On Behalf of Dammy, Ella, Gloria and Little Grace;
On behalf of Joshua, Tolu and little Jason,
On behalf of Lawrence, Dara and Prophet Elijah, the bouncing boy!
From Yours and Only
(The Name you have been calling me since 39 years while in the Campus Christian Fellowship Drama Unit)