Ubi Franklin’s baby mama and businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa has come under heavy criticism following a leaked chat saying her husband Steve Thompson sent her kids away from his house.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported a chat surfaced online with Sandra Iheuwa lamenting to a friend about how her husband, Steve Thompson, always talks down on her kids, saying he’s doing them a favour by roofing them.

Sandra Iheuwa added that Steve Thompson sent her children away from his house because he does not like children.

A few hours later, Steve Thomspon unfollowed and blocked Sandra Iheuwa on Instagram, which has sparked reactions online.

Many netizens criticized Sandra Iheuwa for ignoring the handwriting on the wall, wondering how she accepted to marry a man who does not like kids.

theempress_cosmetics wrote: You guys have finally succeeded in destroying this woman’s marriage. SMH!

childofgraceunlimited wrote: I doubt both of them are ready for marriage, looks like they both had different agenda towards this marriage. I would have advised they go see a counsellor but….

teeto__olayeni wrote: This shows long before now she saw the handwriting on the wall but choose to ignore…..Person no like him own children, how e wan take like another person own????? Una two don play una sef

fabulous.eb wrote: This Steve head no correct, the earlier Sandra gather her ass up the better, because this guy will frustrate her. I thought marriage is for better for worst, no support system here.

Kemi Filani News recalls an Instagram blogger identified as trapselena called on Ubi Franklin to carry his child, who is allegedly living like an orphan in a stranger’s house when both parents live in Lagos.

According to the blogger, Sandra Iheuwa took her daughter to stay with her friend after her new husband Steve Thompson allegedly refused to allow the little girl to stay in their home.

Reacting, Sandra Iheuwa refitted the claims stating that bad the rate at which false news spread in Nigerian is very alarming.