Nigerian singer Inetimi Timaya Odon, better known by his stage name Timaya has reportedly dumped Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma.

This was disclosed by Instagram blogger Cutie Julls, who alleged that Timaya said he’s no longer interested in their romantic relationship.

According to the report, Caroline Danjuma is currently angry over Timaya‘s decision because she has fallen in love with him.

The post reads: This one shock me. Aunty Caroline, Timaya say he no want continue to dey knack o.

Hmm men dey stain white garment but sometimes na konji dey carry we women dey go there

Caroline and Timaya are doing the do. Timaya say him no wan do again. Aunty Caroline dey vex cuz as it is now, she is in love.. awwww

The most difficult is for a woman to marry a man with money but cannot satisfy her konjibility. The money is important but konji matter dey importanter for some babes o.

Caroline Danjuma recently opened up on the pain she felt after her divorce.

Caroline had uploaded a series of her pictures in which she was clad in a wedding gown on her Instagram page with the caption: “Till death do us part.”

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the pretty mother of three said she blamed herself for not making a perfect marriage but she later realized that she was not a failure once she started healing.

“I blamed myself for not making a perfect marriage , I blamed my self for both faults of ours until I started healing then I knew I was not a failure. I prayed to God for assistance most importantly to forgive my self and him. Rather than hate the outcome of what was, I chose love and peace of mind for what is.

Speaking further, Caroline wrote: “This is my first time talking about my divorce, not an easy journey, most times very painful moments especially if you are a perfectionist and kids are involved. Kill the hate it will only ruin you. If you are wondering how you will pick up financially trust me you will, just stay focused and determined. Love without regrets.”

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