Seeing actors like Shaffy Bello, Bimbo Ademoye and Ego Nwosu in a movie, you have an idea of what to expect. Well, is Head Over Bills a disappointment or a good watch? Let’s see.

Head Over Bills is the story of a wealthy, industrious mother of three who is the CEO of Starlight Group of Companies. The mother, Mrs Ofili (Shaffy Bello), had grown the business as a single mother who lost her husband, and everything she and her husband worked for was taken away by his family.

Close to retirement now, she finds none of her daughters unfit to take over her position as the firstborn is a disrespectful philanthropist who goes around sleeping with young men. The second is a wasteful spender who spent 20 million naira on birthday shopping. The third is the brand manager of Starlight Group and is in a relationship with the company’s major competitor.

How did Mrs Ofili manage her girls? How did each of the girls deal with their crisis? Who became the CEO of Starlight Groups? What happened to the company eventually? Well, you’d find the answers when you watch the movie.

The storyline and plot of Head Over Bills is a smooth one. The film is an elite one, and yes, the writer did well in achieving that. The movie’s first scenes were also a perfect way to have introduced the characters and even the conflict.

However, the film seemed overstretched as it ran for 125 minutes. Some stories have stronger effects when they aren’t unnecessarily long, and unfortunately, the writer of Head Over Bills took away that effect.

Regardless, the subtle comic character of Bimbo Ademoye played a huge role in not making the film boring. Kudos on that.

Another problem with the story is that it seemed the writer was tired, and considering she had spent a lot of time doing the unnecessary, she rushed the ending. What happened to Starlight Group eventually and its competitors? That resolution was too essential to have been ignored.

The directing was also a good one, and although there are a few flaws here and there, the director did a good job. I want to ask the director, though, “Why did Muna sleep, have sex and wake up with her makeup on and her wig intact?” A few other flaws just showed the director didn’t pay attention to specific details. Regardless, the director did an excellent job with the casting. The three sisters had similar physical attributes and choosing Shaffy Bello as the mother was good.

The acting was one of the highlights of Head Over Bills. Shaffy Bello killed that elite mother role, and even the young Shaffy Bello did a great job. Bimbo Ademoye is a beautiful actress and the way she can switch from the comic Bimbo to the emotional one and then the serious one? It was the icing on the film. I need to understand why Bimbo would pronounce Accounting as Accountancy.

As silent as Anita Joseph’s character was, she killed that role! Moving on, Ego Nwosu and Mofe Duncan are also good actors, but for Rachael Okonkwo, it seemed like she was forcing herself to blend into the elite role. It also seemed like speaking Queens English wasn’t for her as her acting didn’t flow as much as the others. Well, the acting as a whole wasn’t bad at all. Kudos to everyone.

I must add that what the writer/director did with Anita Joseph’s character was good. Speaking of the cinematography, costume and makeup… they did a good job. Shout out to the costume especially; those dresses were hot!
In all, Head Over Bills is a good watch and would get an 8/10. You should see it!