A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter page to reveal how he found that his neighbor makes nothing less than Fifteen Thousand Naira (on a bad day) without owning a shop or any goods of his own in Lagos Island Market.

Twitter user, @jon_d_doe wrote ;

I gave my neighbor a lift today to Lagos Island.

All these while, I’ve known him to be a trader. He told me something shocking.

“Guy, you know say na “oso ahia” I dey do? I no get shop for here & I no get any goods”

He’s a father of 2 and he said on a bad day, he makes 15k.

Oso Ahia is an act of sourcing for customers for traders and you get a cut from the sales. Typically, they inflate the price, if they’re lucky, the customer pays and the shop and goods owner gives you that extra.