2023 Presidency will determine Igbo?s stand in Nigeria ? Ohanaeze

As the 2023 election draws nearer, the President-General of the Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof George Obiozor, has said that wherever the country picks its president from in 2023 will send a strong message to the Ndigbo.

In a statement released on Monday February 14, Obiozor said

“Wherever the country picks its president from in 2023 will send a strong message to Ndigbo. 

I understand clearly the dilemma faced by these leaders but Nigerian politics is at a point of no return where national destiny is at stake and where patriotism and political wisdom must supercede personal ambition.”


The Ohanaeze Ndigbo President-General explained that Ndigbo as an ethnic nationality are blessed with a large number of capable, Nigerian patriots and credible personalities who are eminently qualified to govern the country and meet the expectations of the citizenry through equity, justice, and fairness.

“Indeed he or she will bring into the office, an amazing sense of peace and harmony to the country, ensure imperative of national unity and commitment to good governance with dedication, decency and decorum.

Since 1960, Igbos have been campaigning for their rights to leadership in Nigeria. So anybody who says that we have not campaigned enough about the ‘2023 Igbo President’ is guilty of historical fallacy because many of us know how often those rights and opportunities have been denied or ignored with impunity.

How can one be accused of making noise over marginalisation or discrimination in critical areas of Nigerian Politics and at the same time accused of not making enough political campaign for the 2023 Presidency? Ndigbo has not campaigned for any relevant national political office since the end of the war. Most Nigerians with conscience and patriotic as well as friends of Nigeria inside and outside the country know this to be the truth.”he said