Nigerian comedian cum actor Bovi Ugboma popularly called Bovi, has been dragged on social media for making a mockery of God’s name in a comedy skit.

Bovi took to his Instagram page to share a snippet of his comedy series ‘VISA ON ARRIVAL’ where comedienne ‘Datwarrigal’ was captured praying for someone who had visited the passport office for a visa for restoration of her virginity.

However, some netizens did not find the scene funny as they slammed Bovi for using the hallowed name of Jesus to do comedy, questioning if he could do the same with Allah.

One ariztcross wrote: Using the hallowed name of Jesus to do comedy is not sound. Can you do this with Allah? Please other ways of doing this without dragging the hallowed name of christ. Drah me if you like but do what is cool.

Responding, Bovi wrote: I can’t drag what is tattered. Can only try to mend.

Ariztcross replied: Time shall tell, please have regard for what is sacred. Have regard for what God regarded. That’s wisdom. But if you think your achievement has made you above the almighty then I can’t say more. Best wishes

Jsc_ubaka wrote: Bovi be acting like an idiot! How do you write this type of comedy and sleep without a prick of conscience? This is too far. What is in Jesus name: don’t you feel tight down there? There’s a limit to expressing your creativity if you are responsible for this scrip. It’s tasteless by the way and you should know already.

Kemi Filani News recalls Bovi recently stated that he has always known he would marry a beautiful woman.

In an interview on the Tea with Taymesan podcast, he said: “ I always knew I would marry a fine woman. The luck I have is that I married a woman similar to my mother in more ways than one. My mom was the most charming human being I ever knew”.

Bovi also stated that he never planned to have three children, adding that he wanted to have just a child.

In his words: “I have always been a lover of good things, I never settle for less in most cases. I didn’t envisage having three children though .I wanted one child, its why the age gap between my first and second is four years because I had absolutely no plans to have more children”.