Mother of 19-month-old flogged to death by teacher in Delta demands justice

Gift Udeze, the mother of the 19-month-old boy allegedly flogged to death by his teacher at Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School in Delta state, pictured above, has asked Nigerians to ensure she gets justice for her deceased son.


In an interview with ITV news, Udeze said her son’s hands and legs were tied with white handkerchiefs before he was mercilessly flogged by his teacher. She said this incident occurred two weeks after she registered her son in the school.


The distraught mum alleged that she was attacked by the school proprietor and her son when she went to inquire what happened that made them flog her child.


Calling on Nigerians to help her get justice, Udeze said 

”I am begging every person. They should stand up in my defence and fight this fight for me because it might not only happen to my son. It can happen to someone else. I have been hearing it happen. Even I heard the issue of Sylvester but Sylvester’s own was not a teacher. They said it was a fellow student. My own is an aged woman who is above 60. That is why I am begging them. They should come to my rescue”


The distraught grandmother of the child said when she asked what had happened, the school authorities told her the teacher flogged the toddler because he was stubborn.


”Did he enter your room and spoil anything? They said no. Did he fight with his classmates? They said no. What did he do? They said he is stubborn”the grandmother said


Meanwhile, the proprietress and her son who allegedly flogged the child to death are currently in police custody.