A few days after Nollywood movie producer Tchidi Chikere took to social media to flaunt his new lover and wish her a happy Valentine, details of the lady has surfaced online.

Instagram blogger Cutie Julls said the new lover of Tchidi Chikere is identified as Kenechukwu and questioned why he could not bodily claim her instead of posting another mystery lady.

The report alleged that Tchidi Chikere has been dating Kenechukwu for a long time, even while he was married to Nuella Njubigbo.

The report added that Kenechukwu was cool with Tchidi Chikere, keeping her as main side chic since she was getting more cash and attention.

The blogger wrote: Seriously I’m don’t know why Tchidi cannot claim Kenechukwu publicly with full chest and be posting another mystrey lady whose whole physique is like her oo

Too tired from work so don’t even have stregth to be making this post humerous so let’s go straight to the point.

So Tchidi has been doing Kenechukwu since. Kenechukwu was cool with Tchidi marrying Nuella and keeping her as main sidechic since she was even getting more cash, attention etc from Tchidi than even Nuella his wife just as he was doing with Nuella when he was married to Sophie.

We’ve had this gist since but Nuella was going through alot and we didn’t want to add to her heartbreaks and stress in the latter part of their marriage.

Tchid has been dating Kenechukwu since and was even doing Nuella bad cuz of new found love. At a time, he was even shading Cutie cuz he had gotten hint that Cutie had info about his afair. So was even blocking us up and down.

Oga Tchidi, now that Nuella is out, officially introduce Kenechuku to us na? We online in-laws don accept sey na your way and we’ve accepted you like that. From one nollywood to another. Sampling the girls at your comfort pace na.

Abeg, we no get energy. Gist don drop. If you don’t gerrit forgerrit.