Nigerian comedian, Igosave, has shared his 5-year-old daughter’s response when he asked her to return to Nigeria with him.

The comic act, whose family is based abroad, asked his little daughter, Harmony, to return to Nigeria with him, and her hilarious reply has stirred reactions online.

When her dad asked her to return with him to their father’s land, Harmony quickly responded, “NO WAY!!”. Then Igosave, who was curious to know why his little girl wouldn’t want to come back to Nigeria, asked her to give reasons for her reply.

Harmony explained that she doesn’t want to return to Nigeria because of the men of the Nigerian Police Force. She recounted some of the experiences her dad had with the police back in Nigeria, and insisted that they influenced her decision.

According to her, the police stop their car for no reason, search them, and after they find nothing, they go on to ask for a tip-off for the weekend.

Sharing the video, the comedian wrote,

“My 5-year-old daughter HARMONY has always questioned me each time we drive together here in Nigeria; on why the police always stop and search my car with them inside as this doesn’t happen in Austria?

Here in Nigeria, police stop and search are so rampant that sometimes the police blocks are at every pole; while some do on security tip off, a large volume does illegally just to extort innocent citizens. My five years old daughter Harmony shares her disappointing her experience.”

Watch video below,