Actress Tayo Odueke aka Sikiratu Sindodo is 46 today and her daughter, Naomi has penned a beautiful birthday tribute in her honor.

Sharing a photo of her mum on Instagram, Naomi wrote “Yaayyyyy it’s the love of my life’s birthday today . My mom is the sweetest gift God has given me, I love you forever and ever.
God will give you strength and support you in all life endeavors, you will always be victorious, you are my guardian angel I love you so much mummy @sindodotayo”

Back in 2020 during her graduation from Babcock University, Kemi Filani recalls that Naomi, the daughter of actress Tayo Odueke aka Sikirat Sindodo acknowledged her mum for being there for her even as a single mum.

In an appreciation post on her Instagram page moments ago, Naomi who is in her early 20s, wrote “They say delay isn’t denial, I’m so grateful for the End of this chapter. I’m super grateful to God, the best mother Ever!!!I Love You So Much Mummy… I won’t be here if it weren’t for you…Yasssssss Single Moms do it too”

Acknowledging her daughter’s post, the single mum of one, Sikirat Sindodo wrote “To the best daughter a mother could hope for!
I still can’t believe you’re graduating
It’s been such a wild wonderful trip these last few years….
We’ve had our tougher moments but I love you so much ,I respect your strong will & appreciate your gorgeous smile
Good luck on your new journey forward in Life!!!
May Almighty Allah continue to guide & guard you Allahumo amin”