Netizens have schooled veteran actor and filmmaker, Ugezu J Ugezu for kicking against the need for DNA.

The actor had taken to his Instagram page to chastise men who have formed the habit of undergoing paternity test before claiming a child.

With the daily news of men discovering at dying minutes that their kids aren’t biologically theirs, many men are becoming interested in DNA especially in Nigeria.

The growing increase in paternity test has become alarming for the Nollywood actor who doesn’t believe that African men should partake in it.

According to the actor, any child born to an African man is the African man’s child.

He opined that DNA stuff is tearing many homes apart and destroying innocent children.

“This DNA thing is not really an African thing. A child born to an African man is the African man’s child. Our fathers held this belief and enjoyed peace of mind. This DNA stuff is tearing many homes apart and destroying many innocent children In THINGS FALL APART, the Mother Earth rose against Okonkwo for killing the child who called him father. THINK”.

Nigerians have this to say,

slemzy_official : DNA test is very important when you’re doubting the real paternity of your child and especially when you don’t trust the woman”

digital_ads_guru : “I don’t agree with this. If men demand for DNA, let them be given cos No man deserves to raise another man’s child in the name of his”

symple_nina : “Bitter truth, this DNA matter don cause too many harm in Nigeria”

nuwang_tamir : “This man is stuck in the past like those taliban”

secret_head : “See rubbish for mouth”

dr_morula : “Not everybody wearing chief cap is covering sense oh”

cee_fex : “This is 2022 dude. Go back to the 18th century. Cos that’s when the novel “Things fall apart” was set”

zues_231 : “you talking in rubbish sir”

a.m.a.r.a.c.h.i : “Are you normal Sir???”

kels_decor : “Stuck in the stone age, I see….”

ngozi_olek_nnanna : “We are in 2022 not in 1967…
Team DNA all the way..”

luemdo : “After DNA test you confirm the child isn’t yours, what next? I guess divorce”

julietkante : “……that was older days before The white men came to introduce what we don’t know….”