Nigerian actress and television personality, Idia Aisien has recounted how a stranger on social media surprised her with a Range Rover.

The actress recounted the experience on Stephanie Coker’s podcast, Idia said the man had chatted her on Instagram and had work secretively with her friends and followers to surprise her with the present.

The man gifted her a Range Rover and inside the car was champagne, cake, flowers and teddy bears.

“Two years ago I got a gift from someone I never knew — he was somebody that chatted me on social media.

“He planned with my followers, friends, and people I knew

“I thought it was thoughtful”.

The gifts marked the first time she would be receiving any gift from the opposite gender.

According to her, she has never gotten anything before even when she was dating.

“The point is that I have never gotten anything before even when I had a boyfriend”.

Sadly for her, her family didn’t allow her keep it, so she sold it.

She stated that she wanted to return the car to the stranger but he refused and she had no choice but to sell it.

When Stephanie asked her what she did with the money, Idia stated that she kept it.

Last year, Idia Aisien was gifted a brand new 2021 Range Rover by her siblings.

The actress revealed how her family surprised her with her dream car on her birthday.

On her Instagram post she wrote “I was in Dubai with my brother’s for new year when I saw a 2021 autobiography Range Rover mounted on Display at the airport. I said out loud, “God, this is my dream car!” But my brother responded “who’s gonna buy you that?”… Now, if you know me, I’m a Big dreamer but also naturally content; plus my siblings have tried for me already… so I quickly respected myself…”

Idia Aisien further wrote “Fast Forward to my birthday this July (probably being my best month so far this year), and my siblings kept asking when I was coming back from my birthday trip- I had no idea what they were planning. In summary, I’ve seen God in ways that I can’t explain to anyone … I went to visit my brother when I got into Lagos only to find my dream car waiting for me”.

Words of appreciation to her siblings were not left out as she wrote “Thank you to the best family I could ever ask for!!! Thank you guys for being my support system and always lifting my spirit when I’m feeling down. Thank you so much!!! I am still in awe …”..