Famous Nollywood-Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibraham has sparked reactions on social media as she blows hot on men who take women for granted.

Juliet took to her official Instagram story to drag men who only take the responsibility of marriage seriously when their partner is pregnant.

The dashing mother finds it confusing and offensive that men only propose to their partners after saying she is pregnant. The actress also expressed displeasure that men who are in a live-in relationship don’t find their partners attractive enough for marriage only when they are expecting a baby.

She wrote: I find it quite confusing and offensive that most guys now a days will only propose and think of proposing to a woman only when she says she is pregnant.

So you’ll be chopping somebody’s daughter for months/years and it wont click that she’s wife material all these months/years but only when she says she is pregnant you will now remember she is fit to be a wife.

No wonder many guys are getting trapped with pregnancy upanddan by these girls that understand men with such mindset.

Its like everyone is playing a game everywhere I turn now. What’s happening to this generation? Anyways what do I know?


Fans of Juliet Ibrahim, who reacted to this development, believed not all men are the same, expressly stating that some men cannot be forced into marriage because of a baby.

iambgo: A man doesn’t have to marry someone just because she got pregnant for him. He probably was going to marry her anyways. Na mumu go allow persons wey he no love use belle tie him down. There’s a reason we have plenty baby mamas. If na by belle, all Nigerian artistes should be married by now

sassyhoney_: Some will even tell u get pregnant first before they marry u yeye men

woli_bughatti_official: We are in the Game 🎮 generation … Like me now , no woman dey look for me because of what (I don’t have dime ) but let things change now she go dey tell me pour am now don’t remove it can’t you take care of me and the baby awon alabanila …. Abeg make money jare not time for stupiid Love 💕

sowpheey: Being pregnant isn’t even wifey guaranteed. Whoever wants to marry you knows that from the moment he sees you. Men know what and whom they want.

udy1: Not to say “no” by the proposal!

justinamirabel: U no go blame them na, some girls are womb less that’s y.

excel_emerie: Because the rate of abortion this days are now much so no guy wants to suffer what anotyrr guy has cost. That’s my own say sha anyways what do I know

officialdanielrolland: All men ain’t same!! Differentiate please

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