Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze has challenged Pastor David Ibiyomie, founder of Salvation Ministries to a doctrinal battle.

He publicly declared his interest to challenge him to an online debate where they tackle some doctrines.

Daddy Freeze made this known on his Instagram page while reacting to a statement he made where he condemned non-tithers.

The clergyman stated that failure to pay tithe is criminal, punishable and attractive to curses.
Disapproving his statement, Daddy Freeze called on him to engage in a friendly doctrinal debate where they talk about the need for tithing.

He expressed his interest in hosting him to an online debate where both views can be aired with the public being the judge.

“Dear Pastor David IbiyomieI greet you and I bring you glad tidings.
I saw the above statement on the blogs, I am aware that blogs misquote people from time to time as I have been victim myself, so if you didn’t make the above statement kindly make this known for clarity.
However, if you did make the statement, I hereby invite you to a public doctrinal debate on tithing and why it is NOT for Christians, from my scriptural perspective.

I would love to host you for this debate online, where your views can be aired alongside mine and the public would be left to decide which persuasion they consider superior”.

Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze has sent an important message to ‘Last Born‘ following the 40th birthday celebration of Nigerian businessman Emeka Okonkwo popularly called e-money.

Over the weekend, many Nigerian celebrities and socialites turn up at the 40th birthday celebration of E-money in Lagos.

Narrating his encounter at the event, Daddy Freeze said he met e-money’s elder sister, who looked relatively young, and a conversation ensued. Daddy Freeze said E-money’s sister informed him that the billionaire businessman is the last born of his family and has defiled the norm of many last borns in Nigerian homes.

Daddy Freeze added that E-money’s life should motivate every last born and stop waiting for hand me downs from their older siblings.

In his words: At Emoney’s party, I met his elder sister who looked quite young and a conversation ensued. She informed me that Emoney was actually her younger brother; to be precise their last born. Dear ‘last borns,’ this should motivate you to stop waiting for hand me downs from your older siblings.

If Emoney can do it, so can you. Thank you! Send this message to every last born you know and copy and paste their response in the comment section below..