Ghanaian lady claims some women get pregnant and abort it after 4 months just so they can

A Ghanaian lady has alleged that women now get pregnant and then abort the pregnancy so they can “look good” for their birthday photoshoots or to look great for an upcoming occasion.


The lady identified as Felicia Sedinam Gardner called into a social media program and made the weird allegation. She said;

”Maybe their birthday is in four months or in three months or maybe there is an occassion they want to look extremely good physically, they intentionally take in. They intentionally get pregnant. 

Some will wait until the third month, that is the ending of the first trimester and then they would come for healthy abortion. Some of them go for any pills at all which worsens the case. These things have both advantages and disadvantages but the only advantage is that it makes your body really really sumptious, like you would look yummy. Your skin pops, your breast looks heavy, some of them even get the hips to come out a bit. Generally their body grows bigger because of the over production of the estrogen and progesterone.

These two hormones help in the growth of these physical features. When you get pregnant, these hormones increase in production. It helps your boobs to come out, it helps your shape. 

Some people when they get to the third month, they would go for safe abortion. After the safe abortion, you would be given an appetite stimulant or appetite booster, maybe some blood tonic that would boost your appetite to make you eat more to maintain that shape for some months”


Listen to an audio of the lady explaining this below…