Nigerian activist and lawyer, Reno Omokri has called out DSTV for assigning channel 419 to the Nigerian government-owned broadcaster, NTA.

Reno in a post he shared on his Instagram page, asserted that it’s a deliberate attempt to mock and de-market Nigeria and it’s citizens.

According to him, DSTV assigning 419 which is synonymous with fraud to NTA carries a powerful subliminal message about the country.

He further chided the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, and the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation for not taking any action against it.

He wrote,

“Why has DSTV, a South African company operating in Nigeria, chosen to give the Nigerian Television Authority, @NTANetwork, the frequency channel of 419?

That is NOT a coincidence. It is a deliberate action. It is subversive and carries a very powerful subliminal message that demarkets Nigeria as a brand.

It is a mockery of our nation and its citizens. And if Lai Mohammed was alive to his responsibilities, @DSTVNigeria ought to be answering questions!

The Nigerian Broadcast Commission, that ought to have spotted this, are instead more focused on sanctioning radio and TV stations that criticise the Buhari administration. What a pity!”

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Reno Omokri calls