Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has opined that marriage is not an achievement.

The ‘intellectual entertainer’ took to her Instagram page to share this opinion on Monday, February 21. Giving her definition of achievement, Blessing said it is what you do for yourself that impacts the lives of others.

On this premise, the controversial media personality asserted that marriage shouldn’t be considered an achievement, but a personal tick because it doesn’t benefit others.

Sharing a photo of herself, Blessing Okoro wrote,

“Achievements ( a thing done successfully with skill, effort or courage )is what you did for yourself that impacted others . Marriage is NOT an achievement it’s just a personal tick . Marriage is you bringing somone into ur lives to help you not the public..

Your private lives.

Achievements is an acquired skill that you can share with others …”

See below,

Blessing Okoro declares

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