Nigeria online community are having a field day weighing in on the crashed marriage of actress Regina Daniels’ husband Ned Nwoko to his Moroccan wife Laila Charani.

It is no longer news that the Moroccan model parted ways with the politician, but the cause of their split was unknown until Charani spoke out about it.

Kemi Filani reported earlier that Charani held an Instagram live session where she opened up on her crashed marriage.

The ex-wife of the Delta State Politician revealed some of her challenges and some issues that went down in their marriage.

Laila Charani said she didn’t meet any other woman living with Ned Nwoko when she married as a virgin, but he terminated her modelling career after their marriage.

Speaking further, Laila Charani said her marriage took a different turn after Ned Nwoko got married to Nollywood actress Regina Daniels.

She mentioned that Ned Nwoko was mean to her and her kids as he would completely ignore them without any words for days but post them on social media as if he loved them.

According to Laila Charani, Ned Nwoko shifted all attention to Regina Daniels and her son while only showing love to her and her children on social media.

Laila Charani also said she had to look for jobs to secure a promising future for her kids when she could no longer take the heat, adding that the ten years spent with Ned Nwoko had been the worse years of her life.

Her interview has caused mixed reactions online. While some believe her honest interview, others noted that something was fishy.

Many stated that Regina Daniels turn would come and she would go through similar experience.

radig12 : “Regina should enjoy while it last bc her turn is coming soon.. hardless man..”

officialjovialmum : “The truth of the matter is that most of these wealthy men are very stingy to their wives and some men even to their own kids but generous to outsiders and you as a wife if you complain, no one will believe you cos everyone already sees ur spouse as a saint that cant do such. My happiness is that she is still young and fresh and she can always go back to her modeling career which I think she is already doing that..I wish her inner peace and happiness”

kay_k_101 : “Even by looking at him you can tell this man is is well my dear”

elizabeth.lafon : “Very soon the lawmaker will put her in jail. Let be ready with our pop corn the lawnmower and Gina will be firing back soon”

rain_omalicha : “Regina go soon drop statements”

abiodunlawal001 : “I believe her because you could tell when Regina posted that Christmas shopping receipt I knew things wasn’t right at home. How can a billionaire wife proudly post that amount? Not all that glitters is actually gold”

_cherry_cheks : “You really can not love two women/men equally”

peju_f : “What me I sha know is the girls hair are always unkept, so it means this woman is right”

tintity1 : “Not all that glitters is gold. Hope she is making money from her modelling so she get the girls also”

_elly_006 : “I’m happy she was courageous enough to leave. Something a lot of people can’t do they rather die there to impress Instagram people”

nekz_empire : “The breakfast go still reach everybody”

ugwumpresh : “Why do I have this feeling this man is a user. I feel he uses these beautiful women to birth beautiful kids for him and when he gets tired of them, he marries a fresh one.
Look at the stories about how he forcefully takes people’s lands and lock them up”

bgal_uduousoro : “Regina needs to be careful now that it’s rosy cos it can be worst in no time”