Actress and mum of two, Foluke Daramola has advised her colleague, Iyabo Ojo to let sleeping dogs lie rather than engage in a public spat with one, Aramide whom she is at loggerheads with.

Commenting under a video on Instagram where Iyabo Ojo lashed out at the said Aramide for calling her kids dullards, Foluke Daramola wrote “Iyabo plsss let sleeping dogs lie, it’s well with u and it is well with ur children, wa jere won lagbara olorun (you will reap the fruit of your labour on them)”

And Iyabo Ojo responded saying “sleeping dog ke? Dog no dey sleep if you touch her pikin oooo, na to bite you ni … thanks ojere”

Foluke Daramola then said “I understand perfectly and I know how u feel as a mother. But pls take it easy it’s well”

Kemi Filani recalls that a blogger had alleged that Iyabo Ojo was hooking her friend’s ex husband with a Nigerian lady.

The man identified as Orlando Oladoyin is an oil and gas senior technical professional and has been appearing on Iyabo’s page frequently.

According to Gistlover, his wife, Aramide Arasky Onigbinde, was the one who introduced the actress to her husband, but since they parted ways, Iyabo has been clinching to her man.

Aramide had warned Iyabo not to celebrate her man on his big day but the actress proved stubborn as she dedicated two birthday posts to the businessman.

Aramide who was infuriated by her post slammed the actress for not being faithful in marriage.

Iyabo who wanted to keep mute about their deteriorating friendship was infuriated when Aramide dissed her children a few days ago, by addressing Iyabo’s children as dullards.

Firing back, Iyabo warned her not to come for her kids as she would fight back.

She sternly warned Aramide not to compare her kids with hers because her children are adults.

According to Iyabo, nobody knows what Aramide’s kids would become in future.

Spilling secrets, Iyabo revealed that Aramide chose social media over marriage and was in the habit of abusing her mother and mother in law.

Iyabo wondered who was suffering from bi polar between the two as Aramide always dissed her husband in public yet beg him in private.

Iyabo confirmed that Aramide’s husband is already married, though she doesn’t know who he wedded.

The actress claimed that he refused revealing the identity of his new wife to her because he feared that Iyabo would tell his ex wife.

Iyabo promised not to back down from the fight as she wouldn’t allow anyone talk dirty about her children.

She stated that her decision to keep quiet over their fight earlier on was her choice as she isn’t afraid of anyone.

She reminded Aramide that she isn’t the cause of her problem as she chose social media over marriage.

“You come for my kids I will come for you one million times, I will give you drama I will make you famous Aramide….

I did this video last night….& I hope you get the memo…..

I will give you back to back trust me….”.