Nollywood actor Yomi Black has been dragged on social media after publicly declaring support for the presidential ambition of National Leader of the All Progressive Congress Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Yomi Black said he doesn’t mind if Tinubu becomes the President as leadership has nothing to do with age.

Yomi Black listed characteristics that make Tinubu stand out among other presidential candidates.

According to Yomi Black, Tinubu has done a better job as a leader than Jonathan and Buhari, making decisions while carrying people along, and money will flow in his administration.

In his words: Honestly, I don’t mind Bola Tinubu as president. If I am being realistic, leadership has nothing to do with age. We have seen young and old terrible leaders.
Anyway these are my tots .
1) He is one of the few that can politically achieve it.
2) He has done a better job as a leader than both Jonathan and Buhari. Lagos is still the best state in Nigeria.
3)He is very smart and he makes decisions while carrying people along.
4) He is not petty and won’t ban twitter because of Ego.
5) Money will flow.
6) He will create better leaders after him.
7) I can’t see any other realistic option.

The post angered many Nigerians who questioned how much he had been paid for publicly supporting Tinubu.

ade_of_eko1 wrote: N Help us increase our debts well enough to disturb generations coming n his generations will be swimming in more stolen wealth. I see u o

joelokama wrote: Una done start rationalizing wetin de clearly bad!!! A desperate old sick man na eem you de stan? Whatever happened to the youths? Abeg rest, bro!!!!

_kiikii_18 wrote: Another sold soul! End sars in mud again!

jayautos02 wrote: They have pay this one, how much?

uniquetv231 wrote: How much you collect ?

Yomi Black
Yomi Black