Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the backlash she received for promoting an Aphrodisiac brand.

The philanthropist had shocked many of her fans when she urged them to buy products from a Kayanmata vendor to get spiritual blessings.

The actress had claimed that the bracelet, which could also come in chains, is made to wad off evil and promote favor, helps with guidance, and brings in the good aura and good spirits.

Her post didn’t sit well with many of her fans because of her godly personality. Many took to her Instagram comment section to chastise her.

Reacting to the criticisms, Tonto Dikeh, in a video uploaded on her Instagram page defended herself.

Tonto revealed that she had questioned God on how she didn’t deserve all the dramas that has been happening to her.

She disclosed that she is in a face where she doesn’t care, so whatever, is going to fetch her money and does not include her selling her body, she would do it.

She told her critics to either get used to it or get out of her page.

“Hi guys, just to clarify, I have been getting so many messages on what I am posting or what I should be posting – the truth is someone said I am too godly for this kind of post and I actually believe that…
This is the same thing I told God that I was too godly for the bullshit that he let happen to me..

You know so I am in the phase of my life where I don’t give a fuck, I really don’t give a fuck okay, so whatever is going to bring me money apart from me selling my body I will do it – so okay – get used to it or get the fuck out of my page”.

She captioned the video with,

“I love you all….
Heck no it’s not about money, it’s about my present state of mind…
We all have different paths we walk on and never come out the same.
This is me NOW, tomorrow maybe different..

Kemi Filani news recalls Tonto Dikeh called out an undisclosed hospital over refusal to treat a dying patient.

In a post on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh said Nigeria’s healthcare is ridiculously and painfully zero percentage, questioning why a hospital will refuse to treat a dying patient.

According to Tonto Dikeh, the hospital had requested one million Naira, and he gave them five hundred thousand Naira cash and a cheque, but they refused to attend to the patient.

The post reads: Our healthcare is ridiculously and painfully on zero percentage, how can a hospital refuse to treat a dying patient. You asked for a million, I gave you 500k cash and a cheque still no one will attend to them… It’s not like you need to buy anything atm, I’m so sick and tired of dealing with these callous health car mishaps.