Budding actress and fashion entrepreneur, Ebun Hodo has affirmed that women from her state and tribe (Cross River) are the best in Nigeria in all ramifications.

In recent interview with Saturday Sun, the fair and beautiful script interpreter gave her reasons.

She brags, “Ladies from Cross River state are the most beautiful in Nigeria.  We are always been mistaken to be Igbo because of our complexion and beauty. But in all ramifications, we are the best. We are industrious, decent, kind-hearted, intelligent, good cooking skills and even in the other room nobody can contest. We are very good in bed. For me, my partner should know that the most important thing should be knowing the right spot to touch. Not riding for hours. Guys you need to know that riding a lady for 1 to 5 hours is boring 30 to 40mins is fine.”

Hodo Ebun who is the CEO of Hodees clothing line also revealed that she can marry for money and not love.

She said, “I’m still single by choice. If it is admirers I have thousands of them. I’m just taking my time and also praying for God to guide me through it. I can marry for money, I love money and if my love for money will make you find me unattractive then let it be. It is my choice. Let’s be sincere to ourselves, is it love you’ll use to take care of your kids and family? If not then there’s nothing to talk about here. Money overrides love. Money turns me on anytime, any day.”