Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky is tired of being dragged by Nigerians and has for the umpteenth time taken to his Instagram page to lambast those carrying his matter on their heads.

He mentioned how there are thousands of celebrities in Nigeria that they can drag but they all chose him.

Using foul language, he stated that his lifestyle is what will kill him.

Bobrisky promised to attend the funeral of his haters in all black to give them his last respect.

“There are thousands of other celebrities u all can die on their page, but you choose to allow my lifestyle give you headache na my matter go kill you las las and when u are finally laid to rest on my matter let me know d date of ur final funeral so I can slay in all BLACK to say my final goodbye”.

Kemi Filani news recalls how Bobrisky is determined to breed more of his type this year and he has his eyes set on his new mentee, who goes by the name Sassy Vtwins on social media.

The crossdresser is looking for mentees who would remain loyal to him till eternity.

Following betrayals from James Brown and many others who he has helped in the past, the crossdresser is seeking a new crossdresser who would forever have his back.

Taking to his Instagram page, Bobrisky shared a stunning photo of the up coming crossdresser as he showed love to him.

He stated that his new mentee would be taking over from him.

Gushing over his beauty, Bob promised to give him all his crown for him to wear beautifully.