You think you have seen enough of affectionate displays from newly weds and actors, Mo Bimpe and Lateef Adedimeji on their social media pages? Then you should see their new movie, ‘That One Time’, we kid you not, their romantic and lovey-dovey scenes will have you blushing and grinning from ear to ear.

It was released on YouTube a few days ago and trust Kemi Filani to bring you a review of it.

That One Time which was written by Mo Bimpe and produced by Lateef Adedimeji stars just three characters and tells the story of a newly wed couple and their involvement with a psychopathic photographer.

Sophia and Fred newly got back from honeymoon, and then reality sets in after Fred resumes work. Sophia starts to feel lonely and ignored and then the painful part was him not being there for her birthday which was a big deal to her. She finds solace in the hands of the photographer she contacted for her birthday shoot and boom, things fall apart.

Having to watch Lateef Adedimeji play two characters in the movie was fun and he unarguably did justice to the roles especially as Timini, the psycho photographer.

We totally enjoyed how attention was paid to details in the movie; the times Mo Bimpe (Sophia) woke up without make up in her face (not many Nigerian movies allow their characters wake up with a natural and untouched or powdered face) so this was a plus for That One Time.

Also, the conversations between Sophia and Fred were enjoyable, their chemistry was literally effortless but their movie ending was bleh. Why did it end like that?

Further more, we wonder why the movie was divided into two parts when one part was more than enough for it. Each part barely ran for just about an hour each so why the division into part one and two?

The major lesson in the movie is for Men not to be too occupied with work, business at the detriment of their wives’ emotions. Also, any woman who chooses to sit home idly after marriage instead of getting busy with work/business, no matter how rich or comfortable your Man is, will regret it.