Relationship coach, Blessing Okoro, has weighed in on the trending discussion on social media on whether it’s a man’s duty to give a lady transport fare after a date or not.

The argument started after influencer Ada revealed in a viral video that she doesn’t like hanging out with young boys because they don’t give transport fare after a visit or date.

Based on her viral video, she was invited on a podcast to expound on why she is very particular about collecting transport fare from guys when they go on a date. Again, Ada said, ladies spend a lot of money preparing for the date, so it’s only fair for the guys to reimburse them.

Reacting, the self-styled relationship expert noted that it’s a man’s responsibility to give a woman transport fare after taking her on a date.

According to her, it shouldn’t even be a topic of debate as only “boys” would have a problem with giving a woman transport fare after hanging out with her. She added that it shows a level of responsibility, protection, and security.

“Stop dating boys, it’s a man’s responsibility to give a woman transport after taking her on a date or on a visit. It shows some level of protection, security, responsibility and ability. Transport fare is the smallest thing any man can give to you”, she said in part.

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