Lari Williams: Everything to know about the late Nigerian actor and poet

The Nigerian entertainment industry was hit with sad news in the early hours of Monday after the reports surfaced in the media that Lari Williams was dead.

For those who may not know Lari Williams, he was an actor and a poet. Lari Williams made it to the limelight because of his roles in popular soap operas like Village Headmaster, Ripples, and Mirror in The Sun, among others.

Lari Williams has a career that spans over five decades and until his death was considered a veteran in the Nigerian movie industry; his acting prowess was so good that he was made a member of the Order of the Federal Republic in 2008.

The latest report revealed that Lari Williams has passed on at the age of 81, and Nigerians, including lovers of Nigerian entertainment, have taken to different platforms to play their last respect to the late actor cum poet.

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Profile Summary

Full Name: Chief Lari Williams
Gender Male
Date of Birth: 1940
Age: 81 years old
State of Origin: Cross River State
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Nigerian
Religion: Christian

Lari Williams’a biography

Lari Williams was born in 1940 but there are no details of where he was born, there are also details on who his parents are or what they do.

There are also no details on whether Lari Williams had any siblings, he is however, a Nigerian by north and was 81years old until his death.

Lari Williams education

Lari Williams was a student of CMS Grammar School, Lagos state, after which he proceeded to the London School of Journalism where he bagged a degree in Journalism.

Lari Williams’s career

The record revealed Lari Williams took up interest in drama at Morley College, Mountview Theatre School, and later at the University of Iowa in America.

During his time in England, Lari Williams created a group he named Calabash Artists.

Upon his return to Nigeria 1977, Lari Williams became the first actor to perform on top of Zuma Rock in Abuja FCT, 1,200 feet high, where he did a rendition of his late friend, Maman Vatsa’s poem, ‘The bird that sings in the rain.’

Lari Williams was massively talented as he was a poet, playwright and actor both in live theatre and on screen, which saw him bagged numerous awards.

The record Lari Williams was the first president of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria and was in the entertainment industry for over five decades.

Lari Williams’ personal life

Lari Williams kept many of his personal life details private, there are no details of who his wife and children.

Lari William’s death

The report revealed that Lari Williams died on Sunday but the news of his death was made public on Monday, 28th of February 2022.

Lari William’e net worth

There are no details on Lari Williams’ net worth, and he was residing in Ikom, Cross-River, until his death.