A video of some Nigerian women discussing why they expect a guy to give them transport fare after a date is currently trending online.

This comes barely a week after brand influencer, Ada, disclosed that she doesn’t like hanging out with young boys because they don’t give her transport fare. Watch here

Nigerian women give

Based on her viral video, she was invited on a podcast to expatiate on the reason why she is very particular about collecting transport fare from guys when they go on a date.

In the conversation between her and two other women, Ada said ladies spend a lot of money preparing for the date so it’s only fair for the guys to reimburse them.

She mentioned that women pay a makeup artist to make them look good, they try on different outfits, wear an expensive wig, and then go to the venue. According to her, it’s only proper that the date gives them money to appreciate the effort.

“I always expect, ‘oh, it was nice meeting you o, just take,” the woman said.

However, one of the ladies interjected and asked if women now go out on dates to make money. Responding, the other lady said being beautiful requires money.

“No, it’s not about making money. Do you know the cost of being a fine girl in Lagos? It’s expensive,” the lady said.

Watch the video below…