Andrea Ekeng Inyang, the special assistant on strategic communication to Cross River Governor Ben Ayade, has questioned why only the woman is blamed when a marriage fails to produce children.

He noted that society shouldn’t always conclude that the woman is the one with the problem since it takes two people to produce an offspring.

He advised that a husband and wife waiting for the fruit of the womb should go for tests, checkup and treatments and not the woman alone.

In his words,

“When a marriage fails to produce a child, our society focuses their attention on the women. What about the men? Because it takes two fertile, compatible and meting being to produce an offspring. It shouldn’t be the woman alone going to the hospital for test, checkups and treatments, they men too should be made to undergo such. With what I see men drink and do to their system these days, I think they should even be made to undergo testing first before the women”.