Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has taken to social media to share lovey-dovey photos with her husband and hypeman, MC Fish.

Anita Joseph opined that marriage is like a wrapped gift and package which you don’t have an idea of what is inside till you open it.

According to Anita Joseph, a person can either find the good or bad in marriage. However, she found the good, and she’s grateful for it.

In her words: What did they say about marriage “
To me Marriege is like a wrapped gift or package “
You don’t have an Idea of what is inside “

Till you open it and boooooo m booooom booooom
Either you find the good “
Bad or
Ugly “

I found the good and I’m grateful
So I pray for all the singles here to find the good Amen
Forever to go big Fish ejanla

Kemi Filani News recall MC Fish, in a recent interview said most female celebrities cannot be as submissive as his wife, Anita Joseph.

Speaking in a chat with Saturday Beats, he said: “I can’t just mention one but a few things. My wife is a homemaker. She respects me in the home, and I can categorically say most celebs cannot even do what she does for me in the house. They can’t be as submissive as Anita Joseph is to me.

To top it up, she’s a friend and a good companion. She understands her responsibilities as a wife. The most beautiful quality is that she makes me laugh, even when I am angry.