A Nigerian lady has narrated how she lost her boyfriend to her friend.

On Twitter, the lady identified as @Lolochichy recounted the heartbreaking incident, saying it began with the friend bringing food to her man at odd hours wearing sexy outfits.

She noted that one time the friend cooked egusi and pounded yam and brought it to her boyfriend’s house around 8:40 pm in lingerie. She disclosed that she was around the first time, and they ate it in silence.

However, the friend did it again, but this time she wasn’t around and her boyfriend went on to have sex with her. Lolochichy disclosed that when she got to know, she had to leave the friendship and relationship.

Narrating the incident, she wrote,

“Once had a friend who cooked egusi and pounded yam and brought to my bf’s house 8.40pm in a lingerie. Unfortunately i was around and we all ate the food in silence… For people asking how the story ended, she did it again when i was out of time and they ended up having sex. So i left the relationship and the friendship for them.”