Knitwear is a fashion trend that may be seen on TikTok, catwalks, and more trendy magazine covers. A slew of new designers has arisen, bringing their distinctive spin to knitwear. The nostalgic return to Y2K wearing may influence how young Nigerians dress and style knitwear today. Knitwear is an essential aspect of each wardrobe, regardless of fashion preferences. These Nigerian brands exhibit a playful, nuanced side.

Floyd Cardigan Collection

Floyd Cardigan Collection was introduced in 2016 by Veronica Omoniyi Ogochukwu Shokoya. Cardigans, as well as casual sweaters and vests that prioritize comfort and lightness, are essential products. The brand’s innovative use of color blocking has become a trademark, and it portrayed itself from a cuddly feminine side in its current collection, which debuted this year.


Bloke has whimsically dissolved gender borders since its inception in 2015 and is a message expressed through a range of textiles. Faith Oluwajimi, the brand’s founder, explains how the company got started: “It was a family friend who introduced me to machine knitting.”

Knitwear  brands


Elexiay is a crochet brand that uses fashion chic to model the feminine figure. Every piece is poetic and sumptuous, whether it’s a crocheted crop top with a corset lacing in the back or a brown knitted multi-strap bustier. The brand’s staff is made up entirely of Nigerian women who work together in an artisanal atmosphere. Jobs are created, and knowledge is shared while adhering to sustainable methods.

Knitwear  brands

Studio Imo

Edwin Okolo and Imobong Emah, a design pair, founded Studio Imo in 2013, creating antiques prized for their craftsmanship and endurance. From Dakore Egbuson-Akande to Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman, the brand has progressively earned its way into the corridors of Nigeria’s influential society. Its knitwear is available in macramé patterns, swinging fringes, thin silhouettes, and even plunging necklines, yet it never loses sight of its overall conservative nature.

Knitwear  brands

21 Wool Street

The brand’s emphasis is on what it means to be youthful and outgoing and on selling your products at reasonable rates. One of their most popular goods is the Jadesola purse, a status symbol among influencers.

Knitwear  brands