I do not know where to pour my hrt to
But as I am typing dis I am crying, I am in pains, I don’t want people to kn wat dat is y I am here as anonymous. I am half dead like dis. Y is dis life so Hard? I am strangling, I am hard working, I don’t want any body to feed me, I am trying my best as a woman. Den my brother of everybody decided to b the one to scam me, I just put to bed 2months through c-section n we spent alot.
Uba locked my acct last yr dat was how me n my husband was able to save 500k in d acct, I work as a contract staff in a bank while my husband work also as a contract staff too n his salary is not constant which is very small and my work is ending next yr June in the bank knowing dat I am just looking for alternative before next yr bcus I hv 2kids wat will happen next yr wen d work finish, wat biz can I do? Only for me to get home n my brother told me abt a biz my cousin is doing n he wants to invent wit him but don’t hv money dat if I bring d money by month end d profit will b 200k while his own will b 50k dat I shld pay him his 50k first which I did, I gave my own blood senior brother d only money we hv only to find out dat today dat he didn’t give my cousin d money. My husband will kill me dat is all we have, we do we start from.

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