Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has paid her last respect to her late mother.

The actress announced the death of her stepmother in February, though, she didn’t disclose much about it.

Kemi Filani reported earlier that Tonto Dikeh was in deep sorrow as she finally laid her stepmother to rest.

Tonto while bidding her mother farewell, noted that she can’t forgive God for the pain she’s been made to pass through.

In a follow-up post, Tonto reiterated that she wouldn’t stop questioning God about her death.

She noted how people always say ‘God shouldn’t be questioned, refusing to accept that, Tonto said she knows God and He knows her, and as such she needs answers to the death.


God, you see this one, it pained me.
They say don’t question you!!!
Very laughable Because
I believe that’s for people who don’t know you. I know you you know me.

Kemi Filani News recalls Tonto Dikeh in a post shared on her Instagram story, revealed why she does not attend a burial ceremony, noting it’s a favor she can’t pay if anyone attends her mother‘s burial.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she decided as a child never to attend any burial, and her mother‘s funeral will or might be the first-ever she will attend.

Tonto Dike added that people should not send her a dime or consolation messages as she doesn’t do so well with it; instead, people should pray for her and her family.

In her words: I have never attended a burial before. I will never attend one too, I said this when I was a child and I stick by it… My mom’s burial will/might be my first ever, to all my friends who think am shutting them out.

My reason is I don’t attend burials, if I let you attend my moms, I will owe you the same favor and I can’t repay that. If you love me, pray for my family, if you intend to support me only pray for me. Don’t send a dime or consolation messages. I don’t do so well with that!! But know I appreciate you all a lot and am grateful