Veteran Nollywood actress Pete Edochie has expressed appreciation to God as he celebrates his 75th birthday.

In an interview with Ada Karl TV, Pete Edochie rubbished the popular cliche that age is just a number stating that those who hold on to such opinions should subject themselves to psychiatric evaluation.

Pete Edochie said that when a person grows older, they feel it within themselves, but they try as much as possible not to allow old age to weigh them down.

According to Pete Edochie, he’s thankful to God for helping him come this far in life and his career, even when he is prone to several medical challenges.

Pete Edochie also expressed appreciation to God that even at 75 years old, his mental faculty is still complete.

In his words: I have heard a lot of people say, age is just a number, anybody who says age is just a number should subject himself to psychiatric evaluation because as you age, you feel it within yourself but you try as much as possible not to allow it weigh you down.

So I want to start by thanking the Almighty God for helping me get this far, most of my colleagues who started with me are no longer there, may their souls rest in peace. It is not easy being 75, you are prone to several medical challenges, but you just have to keep moving on but I’m happy that my faculty is still complete, so once more, I thank the Almighty God.