Sophia Esperanza, 28, is speaking against introducing foreign substances into one’s body as she removes her breast implants after years of having them.


The Nuclear Family actress said introducing “foreign and synthetic substances/objects” into her body made her develop a “long list” of issues.


She said her body has had it rough and she is grateful to be alive.


The model then announced that she will be removing her breast implants.



The breast explant surgery was successful and she took to Instagram to share a clip of the breast implant removed from her body.



She added that she is now back to her natural state and she thanked her body for being patient with her up until this point where she loves her natural self.



“I feel whole again. I’ve learned to love what is authentically me,” she wrote as she encouraged women seeking to love themselves as they are.


She added: “This explant has liberated me to live in alignment with my true value”.