Nollywood actress, Deborah Shokoya finds it hard to fathom why people are fond of making comparison.

This is coming after some netizens spent hours arguing on which super star (Wizkid, Davido and Burna boy) sold out the most during his 02 Arena concert

Debbie avowed that we all have who and what we are vulnerable to and at such, people should be allowed to be who they are.

For her, she doesn’t overhype anyone because she believes that the person she might be hailing to be perfect, classy and very calm can be be naughty and nasty.

She opined that we all can’t be the same and at such people should be allowed to be themselves.

She urged the fans to focus on themselves so they can also get to a point of comparing themselves with the artistes.

“I still don’t understand why people enjoy comparison!!
Do you know that each and everyone of us have who and what we are vulnerable to??
Allow people be who they are pleased to be !!!
More reason I don’t overhype anybody!
That person you are busy hailing to be perfect, very classy, very calm and all..
You just get to see where they unleash their naughty and nasty side
I bet you will eat your words back!!!

We all can’t be the same
Allow people be themselves!!
You that is busy judging who is more classy, who got sold out, whonis more richer, who is more known!!!
You arent even anywhere or quarter close to all of that
Why not take time and focus on yourself, so that you can at least compare yourself to those people!?
Stop being a referee or noisy audience, it’s high time you become the player
Ire oooo!!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls that Deborah Shokoya, finds it despicable when one goes under the knife yet deceive the public to believe they got their look through fitness and other means.

Debbie made it clear that she isn’t against people having surgeries but the problem she has about them is their habit of deceiving the public about how they got their looks.

She didn’t hold back at lashing out at those who pretend shape wears, fitness and slimming teas are behind their curvier body.

Debbie told them to come out boldy with their full chest and stop disturbing the public.

“Me I dont have problem going under the knife, the only thing I have problem with is those who gym and make people think there is a result for it – only for them to go under the knife.

Come out with your full chest, don’t disturb anybody, just go get the body in peace”.