Popular Nigerian Afropop singer, Yemi Alade, has fired back at a troll who shamed her for not being married.

The 32-year-old had taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to state that she was exhausted but not relentless when the social media troll came for her, dragging her for being single “at almost 40”.

“You are now entering your forties, almost seeing your menopause and you’ve never married, not even that you have children, so what’s the need for your riches?” the troll wrote in response to her tweet.

After Tweeps came for the troll he added that someone had to spill the truth.

“Someone has to say the truth na @yemialadee na very fine woman make she get her self a fucking man. Than for her to be masturbating in her room always.” He tweeted.

Yemi retorted, saying that when she reaches her forties and begins to experience menopause, she will do so as a “healthy, wealthy woman,” and that the follower will still be “tweeting empty shellings” on Twitter.

See their exchange below,