Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker, has averred that some women have no business celebrating others on International Women’s Day.

Taking to her Instagram story on Tuesday, March 8, Stephanie urged women to be less judgmental of one another.

She added that women should learn that a woman who has a thriving business doesn’t mean she’s a bad girl, and that a woman is divorced doesn’t mean she’s damaged.

In her words,

“Some women, sorry to say, have no business wishing others a Happy International Women’s Day. Women lets stop the bias against each other. She looks good doesn’t mean she cant she’s a runs girl. She’s unmarried doesn’t mean she cant hang with married folk. She’s older doesnt mean her time has passed. She’s young doesn’t mean she’s not knowledgeable. She’s a busy working mother doesn’t mean she isn’t a caring mother. She’s divorced doesn’t mean she’s damaged goods.”

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