Music producer, Champagne Beatzm has been accused of lying that his kids are not his.


He took to his Instagram Stories on March 8 to accuse his partner of committing paternity fraud (read here)


He alleged that all three kids are not his and he just discovered this.



However, a woman claiming to be a sister to Champagne Beatz’ partner has said that the music producer is making assumptions and has not carried out a DNA test to ascertain if the kids are his or not.


She alleged that the music producer is just trying to avoid his fatherly duties to the kids.



Meanwhile, a number of Instagram users have taken to Champagne’s account to accuse him of making conclusions without evidence. They told him his kids look exactly like him as photos of the kids were circulated online and compared alongside his. 


The photos will not be shared here to protect the identity of the kids.



Champagne took to his Instagram Stories to stand his ground, insisting his allegation against his partner is “real and authentic”.