A man, his pregnant wife and their kid have died after they were reportedly poisoned by the man’s married sidechic.

According to Twitter user @_bigPrime, the sudden death of the man and his family elicited speculation and the police got involved.

Upon thorough investigation, it was discovered that the man’s ex (who is currently married) was the brain behind the death.

Read the story below ;

This man who’s been consistent at his place of work missed a day and couldn’t be reached on the phone. People went to his house and had to break the door open as no one was responding. Found him, his heavily pregnant wife and one of his three kids dead…🧵

People started speculating! Could it be the food they ate? Maybe beans cos of the chemicals used in preserving it. Generator fumes? How can almost a full family die in their sleep💔 The police came in and refused the man’s people touching them as things weren’t really clear…

Apparently, the man had an ex (who’s currently married with kids) whom he’s been sleeping with on the side. Ex prepared food and gave man, man took food home from work, pregnant wife and second child ate it with him, they died! Ex poisoned the food!! Omo! Women are wicked!!!💔