Royal Hair Boss Steve Thompson has accused his ex-wife Sandra Iheuwa of lying against her baby daddy, Ubi Franklin.

For some days now, Sandra Iheuwa and her ex-husband Steve Thompson has been ranting on social media over their marriage crisis.

A social media user stormed Steve Thompson’s comment section advising him to handle things with maturity, adding that Sandra Iheuwa is still carrying his baby and deserves some respect.

Responding, Steve Thompson revealed that Sandra Iheuwa lied against her baby daddy, Ubi Franklin, and the whole world believed her.

Gifted-okon wrote: Sir please this is so uncalled for, handle things with maturity. Don’t forget she is carrying your baby, she deserves respect for that if.

Steve Thompson wrote: Exactly how she lied about Ubi and the whole world belived.

Kemi Filani News recalls Sandra Iheauwa slammed her ex-husband Steve Thompson for misconstruing her words.

Sandra Iheuwa, while responding to a troll after being dragged over her marriage crisis, said she loved her ex-husband.

Reacting to the statement, Steve Thompson, in a post shared on his Instagram page, questioned why Sandra Iheuwa went ahead to marry him when she still has feelings for her ex-husband.

Steve Thompson noted that Sandra Iheuwa’s statement explains the character assassination in their marriage.

The Royal Hair Boss added that he would testify in church the day he finds true and since love and will keep her away from social media.

Reacting to the post, Sandra Iheuwa expressed displeasure over the recent rants of Steve Thompson, urging him to move on and stop misconstruing her words.

Sandra Iheuwa added that she had kids with her ex-husband and questioned whether she would hate him.

She wrote: I’m sick and I’m tired of this rants…..if you have moved on keep it moving and stop misconstruing my words……This is directly to you and anyone that doesn’t understand English…..You bring this out in public and I will respond in public. I have kids with my ex-husband am I suppose to hate him? The keyword here is “Loved” PAST TENSE am I suppose to hate him???? Someone, I have kids with? If you hate your ex wife that have kids for you that’s on you. But believe that I will NEVER marry someone I don’t love. Stop this gaslighting let me have peace. REST IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Thank you.