Nigerian businesswoman, Sandra Iheuwa has slammed her estranged husband Steve Thompson after he insinuated that she is still in love with her ex-husband.

Steve Thompson in a post shared on his Instagram page, had suggested that she never loved him hence why she subjected him to “character assassination”.

See below,

Sandra Iheuwa slams

In response, Sandra took to her page to fire back at him over his statement and stated that she is tired of his constant rants online.

She also questioned if she is supposed to hate her ex-husband whom she had kids with, and stated that if Steve hates his ex-wife, that’s his problem.

She wrote,

“I’m sick and I’m tired of this rants…..if you have moved on keep it moving and stop misconstruing my words……This is directly to you and anyone that doesn’t understand English…..You bring this out in public and I will respond in public. I have kids with my ex husband am I suppose to hate him? The key word here is “Loved” PAST TENSE am I suppose to hate him???? Someone I have kids with? If you hate your ex wife that have kids for you that’s on you. But believe that I will NEVER marry someone I don’t love. Stop this gaslighting let me have peace. REST IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Thank you. #enoughisenough”

Sandra Iheuwa slams