The dispatch rider who was publicly humiliated after being suspected of kidnapping and concealing a baby in his courier box has been found not guilty.

Recall that a viral video showing the man being assaulted by an angry mob who saw him with the child and assumed the worst found its way to the internet. Read here.

However, in a new development, the child’s mother has said that the man is not a kidnapper as alleged, but the child’s uncle.

According to her, she was the one who gave the child to him.

“I’m the one that gave him the baby by myself because I trust him. He is the baby’s uncle,” the child’s mother said

Watch video below,

In other news, a Nigerian couple have reportedly ended their relationship of two years over the man’s reluctance to buy his girlfriend an iPhone 11.

According to the chat shared online by @jayythedope on Twitter, the lady gave her boyfriend an ultimatum to buy her the phone and on his failure to do so, she would end the relationship.

When asked if the phone is of more importance to her than their two-year relationship, the young lady boldly said YES.

The distraught man disclosed that he had earlier bought her a bone-straight wig and told her to be patient with him while he pools funds for the iPhone, but she insisted on getting the iPhone 11 by the said date which is her birthday.

He disclosed that he felt pressured by her demands and decided to break off the relationship with her.