Reality TV star, Ifu Ennada, has taken to social media to address her colleagues ahead of the forthcoming general elections in 2023.

The BBNaija star and entrepreneur stated that thunder will fire anyone of them who collects money out of greed to campaign for ‘useless’ candidates.

Decrying the current happenings in the country, Ifu told her colleagues to set their greed aside and support the right candidates that would move Nigeria forward.

She captioned it,

“Lots of you go on vacation to exotic countries – countries that have a good working system. I’m sure if you’re non-Nigerian, Nigeria will be the last place you’d want to vacation because of how everything is m*ssed up. Yet every election season, some people – especially Celebrities manage to sell their destinies in exchange for temporary financial comfort. You all need to do better.

To those who are always on the fence during elections and never vote, this is not the time to be neutral.

Cost of diesel has gone crazy, there’s no fuel, electricity has always been paralysed from day one.

How will the poor survive?

How will businesses survive?

I am tired of suffering in my own country. Something has to change.”