A lady has gone online to advise brides to run for their lives if their partners say their wedding vows without looking at them.

According to @ttexass who got divorced barely a year after her wedding, she got engaged to her partner after two years of dating and they had known each other for over four years before their horrible split.

Taking to Twitter to dish out advise to netizens, she advised them never settle for anything less than they deserve.

In the trending tweet, she wrote,

“lol I got married a year ago today and I’m already divorced

The circumstances of the divorce were absolute dog shit but I am so much happier now and falling more in love with myself every day. never settle for anything less than you deserve

Also if he says his vows looking at the officiant (who is also your “best friend”) instead of you, RUN

I’m just gonna follow this up for all the people talking shit:

– we were together for 4+ years

– got engaged after 2 and went through a LOT during that time

– I still believe in love and marriage, this just wasn’t the right one

– I was a great friend, gf, fiancé, & wife”

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