For actress and ROK TV founder, Mary Remmy Njoku and husband, their dream of 10 years has finally come to pass.

The couple who are currently on vacation ahead of Mary Remmy’s birthday are overjoyed at finally been able to achieve their dream of visiting Ghana.

Her husband, Jason Njoki, who is a co founder of IROKO TV revealed that it took them 10 years of planning and prayers to achieve their dreams.

He further revealed that this was the first time the couple would fly a private jet.

“10yrs planning & prayers. 1st time in a PJ yesterday.
Me: This is amazing
Mrs Njoku: Is this the one you want to buy? It’s so small
Me: it’s a phenom 300. The one I’ve been praying is phenom 100 & it’s smaller
Mrs Njoku: They come smaller than this.
Dreams in the mud”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Mary Njoku over the weekend, indirectly tackled Nigerian men on how they take care of their wives.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mary Njokwu shared a collage of a lady with the description of her look on when she was unmarried and a wife.

Mary Njoku opined that the condition of any man’s wife shows his kind of personality to the world.

According to Mary Njoku, one’s daughter cannot be a princess if the mother is not a queen, hence advised men to take a look at their wives and ask themselves the kind of man they are.

In her words: Dear MEN. The condition of your wife shows the world the kind of man you are.

Your daughter cannot be your princess if her mother is not a queen.

So take a deep look at your wife and ask yourself, what kind of man are you?