Media personality, Oloye has schooled popular singer Davido over his outburst on social media after a troll made an unflattering remark about his son, Ifeanyi.

The troll had insinuated that Ifeanyi is not the singer’s son, but his signee, Peruzzi’s son. This infuriated Davido and he lambasted the troll and seemingly threatened to deal with him. Read here

 Oloye berates

Reacting to his threat, Oloye took to the Twitter to berate the singer for responding to the troll, instead of ignoring his tweet.

According to him, trolls and insults comes with his status as a celerity and he shouldn’t have responded to it. He also chided him for threatening the troll because his die-hard fans can act on his threat and harm the troll.

Read his post below,

“Very irresponsible of Davido. You’re a celebrity. Some things come with the territory.

Your position comes with benefits and disadvantages.

A disadvantage is that people will try to drag you to appease their own side.

You don’t threaten people because they said unkind things about you. Especially in the way he did.

Your kids are not sacred cows and the only lesson they’ll take away from this is that they are right to harm people if those people say things they don’t like.

It’s a false sense of superiority.

It’s wrong to bring personal lives of public figures into bants. The response to it is not letting all hell loose on the offender.

It costs Davido zero to ignore.

People will not respect him less. You’re a world famous artiste not some streets lord.

You have nothing to prove.

This is not to absolve the offender but to whom much is given, much is expected.

We hold famous people to a higher standard and for good reason.

They set examples for many people whether they realise it or not.

Publicly putting a target on someone because they insulted you. I’m not sure is the best use of your platform.

The only thing it has successfully done is give the offender more gas.

And it could spiral out of control very fast because the sitting duck may not be a sitting duck at all.

Some overzealous fans may decide to carry out the threat so they can please their God.

What happens if they themselves happen to get seriously hurt in the process?

It’s spirals out of control very fast.

Irresponsible use of your platform.

Very irresponsible.”

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