There’s an infamous quote which states that “all men do is lie” and a recent thread on micro-blogging platform, Twitter has further cemented the truth in that quote.

A Twitter user with the handle @JackDevero popped a question to Women to share the ‘worst lie’ they have heard come out a man’s mouth and some responses received were very hilarious.

See some responses below ;

Oikanyeng wrote ;

Found a bra in his suitcase and he said it’s his from when he was fat years back. He said he had saggy titties and kept it to remind him how far he’s come with his weight loss journey 💀

Bonny wrote ;

My friend said she found a pregnancy test but it was negative then her boyfriend said it’s his he wanted to see if it works on males too

Zecky wrote ;

Found heels under his bed when I asked him he said he uses them to change the lights

Ruby wrote ;

Found condoms in his suitcase before he left on a trip and he said the school gave them to him and that’s were he had kept them, he put them back in there right after lmao

Rennia wrote ;

I spent the night, took off my lashes and put them on top of my EMPTY soda cup. I left in the am, came back that night.. my lashes gone but the empty cup still there. I asked him where the lashes where? He said he threw them away bc he didn’t like clutter. now sir……..

Finfunfoe wrote ;

He texted 2 say he fainted @church, blacked out & was rushed 2hospital. Tried calling & even went 2the hospital he was supposed 2 be at. Wasn’t picking up calls & Nowhere to be found. Turned out he proposed to a girl from his church that Saturday. Never trust 7th day Adventists!

Hexgirl wrote ;

I found a condom wrapper near his bed which we didn’t use and he said it was a ghost

Sfundo wrote ;

He said his friend that works in a hotel wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t show up for work, he then covered his shift for that day in a hotel… I’m like nigga!! How would they even allow that whilst you’re not their employee

Zula wrote ;

We went our for supper, he started getting sick yi Ulcer. He knew I would panic and tell him to go home for his meds. He dropped me off at my place, he went to his place to drinks meds and sleep. I bumped into him at another restaurant with another chick few hrs later

Dudu wrote ;

Friend had a fling, fling sent his friends to call and say he had cancer. Monday Stage1 Thursday stage 4. Sunday Funeral! All in a week the dude faked death. Years later saw him in traffic! He just didn’t know how to break it off.

Kukie wrote ;

Found sunglasses in the car, he said he wears them when he is working. (He was a mechanic)